Break up of VP. Other shareholders joined the lawsuit against M. Marcinkevičius

2016 - 04 - 06

Break up of VP. Other shareholders joined the lawsuit against M. Marcinkevičius

Businessmen Nerijus Numavičius, Vladas Numavičius, Ignas Staškevičius and Mindaugas Bagdonavičius have decided to join the lawsuit brought by UAB Vilniaus prekyba against minority shareholder of the company group Mr. Mindaugas Marcinkevičius.

It has been written in the press release that this way the investors of the largest Lithuanian company group will be seeking to defend the reputation of not only the companies they control, but also their own reputation.

“On 14 August, UAB Vilniaus prekyba made an application to the court requesting to declare the accusations made by Mr. M. Marcinkevičius as to the alleged tax evasion by the group’s enterprises as false. The court drew our attention to the fact that many accusations made by Mr. M. Marcinkevičius were directed not only against the companies of Vilniaus prekyba, but also against the shareholders of the group, i.e. natural persons. Hence, shareholders joining the lawsuit is a logical step in the defence”, – says advocate Liudvika Meškauskaitė who represents Vilniaus prekyba in the proceedings.

According to the advocate, Vilniaus prekyba, N. Numavičius, V. Numavičius, I. Staškevičius and M. Bagdonavičius strongly deny false accusations made by Mr. M. Marcinkevičius in the public.

Furthermore, according to Ms L. Meškauskaitė, the company and its shareholders are of the view that at present court proceedings are the only means of stopping M. Marcinkevičius’ disinformation campaign directed against the companies within the Vilniaus prekyba Group that are acting in good faith and their employees.

The remaining shareholders of the company group, i.e. natural persons Žilvinas Marcinkevičius and Gintaras Marcinkevičius, have chosen not to defend their reputation together with other shareholders and UAB Vilniaus prekyba.

Over the past recent weeks, an intense and a highly aggressive disinformation campaign was conducted against the largest Lithuanian company group UAB Vilniaus prekyba and its affiliated companies. Not only was the media involved in this premeditated and coordinated attack, but also the public and the courts.

In order to dispel the suspicions cast and regain the confidence of the public, state officials and authorities, a historic openness campaign has been launched at the Vilniaus prekyba Group and its affiliated companies. Website whereby the VP White Book has been published and is revised on an on-going basis is part of this campaign.

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